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Runway Fashion Favorites

Always in search for the perfect Double Face Satin in that very hard to find perfect Platinum color, Raffit Ribbons has once again come to my rescue. Luscious, glamorous, romantic & seductive, the Ribbon added the perfect trim for our fabulous runway show, receiving rave reviews.  Fashion Accessories to die for.

Yves Lefévre, Paris, France, September 10, 2014 

Fabulous Floral Arrangements

  • The flowers are only part of the story, the ribbons & trim complete the tale. Thank you again to Ribbons Ribbons for their very splendid and brilliantly colored Raffias which add so much style & grace to all our creations.
  • Katherine Rogers, London, England, April 14, 2016 

Stunning Home Décor

  • Our house became a Home when we added the finishing touches to all our accessories with Raffit Ribbons Subtle Silks. Fine, soft & slender in magical colors, the ribbons added the perfect finishing touch.
  • Elizabeth Clement, New York, NY, November 22, 2015 

Spectacular Holiday Trimmings

  • Trimming the Tree & all our Holiday Décor was a sensational success with so many Christmas Metallics from Raffit Ribbons. Brilliant Golds & Silver highlighted our Holiday Reds & Greens. Magical.  Making memories for generations to come.
  • Alexis Duval, Beverly Hills, CA, May 1, 2017

Romantic Crafting Creations

  • Crafting begins with Raffit Ribbons Twines & Cords. So many colors & textures to choose from, offering so many possibilities. Easy to tie, simple to use, all with elegance & ease.
  • Elise Bonnet, Palm Beach, FL March 28, 2013  

Magnificent Gift Packaging

  • So pretty, it is a petty to open. Words we love to hear when we use the stunning Wired Ribbons from Raffit Ribbons. Stiff bows & swirling curls, the ribbons seem to dance across the wrapping paper. Timeless elegance.  
  • Jocelyn Arnaud, Greenwich, CT, December 5, 2011
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