Raffia, Ribbon, Trim & Cording on Vintage Spools

Raffia, Ribbon, Trim & Cording on Vintage Spools

Raffia, Ribbon, Trim & Cording on Vintage Spools Raffia, Ribbon, Trim & Cording on Vintage Spools

Customer Reviews 5-Star

Five Star Gold Reviews with Reflection awarded to for the Finest in Quality Raffia, Ribbons, Cording and Trim and Top Customer Service and Customer Care.

Runway Fashion Favorites

  • Always in search for the perfect Double Face Satin in that very hard to find perfect Platinum color, Raffit Ribbons has once again come to my rescue. Luscious, glamorous, romantic & seductive, the Ribbon added the perfect trim for our fabulous runway show, receiving rave reviews.  Fashion Accessories to die for.
  • Yves Lefévre, Paris, France, September 10, 2014 

Fabulous Floral Arrangements

  • The flowers are only part of the story, the ribbons & trim complete the tale. Thank you again to Ribbons Ribbons for their very splendid and brilliantly colored Raffias which add so much style & grace to all our creations.
  • Katherine Rogers, London, England, April 14, 2016 

Stunning Home Décor

  • Our house became a Home when we added the finishing touches to all our accessories with Raffit Ribbons Subtle Silks. Fine, soft & slender in magical colors, the ribbons added the perfect finishing touch.
  • Elizabeth Clement, New York, NY, November 22, 2015 

Spectacular Holiday Trimmings

  • Trimming the Tree & all our Holiday Décor was a sensational success with so many Christmas Metallics from Raffit Ribbons. Brilliant Golds & Silver highlighted our Holiday Reds & Greens. Magical.  Making memories for generations to come.
  • Alexis Duval, Beverly Hills, CA, May 1, 2017

Romantic Crafting Creations

  • Crafting begins with Raffit Ribbons Twines & Cords. So many colors & textures to choose from, offering so many possibilities. Easy to tie, simple to use, all with elegance & ease.
  • Elise Bonnet, Palm Beach, FL March 28, 2013  

Magnificent Gift Packaging

  • So pretty, it is a petty to open. Words we love to hear when we use the stunning Wired Ribbons from Raffit Ribbons. Stiff bows & swirling curls, the ribbons seem to dance across the wrapping paper. Timeless elegance.  
  • Jocelyn Arnaud, Greenwich, CT, December 5, 2011
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